What almonds can do for the skin

In the Victorian era, girls pinned a sprig of almond blossom for their blouse to represent wish. In China, the almond is really a symbol of both beauty as well as sadness. In cosmetics, walnuts mean beautiful skin.

Almond oil is among the most commonly used natural oils within the cosmetics world because it is environmentally friendly (the oil comes from the nut products, so the tree is not broken to obtain it) and every enthusiast contains a combination of two efa’s, which help to create healthy, flexible skin. Almonds are also full of antioxidants, including vitamin E along with a variety of protective plant chemical substances.What almonds can do for the skin

Almond oil is ideal for use in cosmetics since it is very light. You can clean it over eyes to get rid of make-up without leaving an oil clever behind or massage this into skin as a moisturizer without it leaving a oily residue.

You can buy sweet almond oil through pharmacies or health-food stores. Beauty companies have also found countless uses for this versatile enthusiast, from skin-cleansing pastes to mascara.

What is within an almond?

Antioxidants: When plants are overlooked in the elements, they have to safeguard themselves, so they produce phenols, protecting chemicals that serve as anti-oxidants to repair sun damage or create a bitter taste to deter bugs from eating all of them. These plant phenols also protect people against diseases such as heart disease and certain cancer. They also offer protection whenever applied to skin.

Omega-3 fatty Vitamin : Within the diet, omega-3 acids help control blood sugars, reduce blood pressure level, help reduce body fat, maintain muscle tissue, support the immune system and increase levels of energy and skin radiance. The body can’t make these efa’s and, after walnuts, walnuts are the best nut source, therefore keep them on your desk or even kitchen bench.
Protein: This is actually the building block of skin as well as almonds are a particularly wealthy source.

Vitamin E: A strong anti-oxidant which also helps the oil continue for longer without preservatives.
The mineral magnesium: In addition to helping cells create energy and protein, the mineral magnesium is believed to counter the results of stress hormones, that make you age faster as well as exacerbate acne.
Calcium: It helps your cells to soak up nutrients.


Almond oil and almond whole milk are lovely moisturisers for just about any part of your body. Apply fairly sweet almond oil straight out of the bottle following a shower or indulge your self with a prepared cream or even oil.


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