Healthy Foods That Makes You Look Younger

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

A simple logic that many don’t think about; aging is a natural procedure, so to be able to lesser its impact you need to only try the options that actually work naturally. Let’s pause all the clichés here, you need to simply upgrade your diet making it worthy.


Full of Vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, nuts really are a rich source of nutrients fundamental to your skin. They protect it by forming a fluid, rich membrane within the skin that is moist and versatile. Hence, wrinkles are kept away away and the radiance is blemish-free. The fluidity keeps your skin supple and prevents premature aging.


Not only is dark chocolate a goody for your sweet tooth, it’s a goody for your skin, too. Cacao contains high amounts of polyphenol antioxidants, but any old chocolate won’t do. Search for high cacao concentrations (top quality chocolates will give a % around the label) because these have less sugar, which could actually be bad for your skin.


Pineapple contains enzymes which help break down the purple pigment in bruises. A natural pill called Bromelain that is used to deal with bruising is actually a pineapple extract that lots of surgeons suggest using after plastic surgery. If you bruise a lot, eating pineapple could make them clear sooner.

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods


The berry family similar to the name has something great for the human skin and all around health. Also, the berries have naturally injected antioxidants that really help in the body growth and help within the wrinkle removal and dark circles.


Carrots could be taken either in the raw form, or slightly cooked, by means of salad or whatever, just be sure you have them in your diet. Carrots are full of vitamin A and this helps in obtaining a fair and smooth skin. Also, it initiates your hair growth by making the scalp healthy.


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