Effective Home Remedies To get Rid of Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain Remedies

Tooth Pain Remedies

Tooth pain happens when the nerve is inflamed. Generally this happens due to compromised enamel that is allowing material to enter into the pulp. This is primarily caused by the entire process of demineralization – the loss of minerals out of your teeth. This makes your enamel weak, which eventually results in pain and inflammation. The solution is to use both topical treatments in addition to internal treatments to change the main cause of loss of minerals out of your teeth. There are some tooth ache remedies :

Raw Onion

One common household item that may always be found in your kitchen is definitely an onion. Chew on a piece of raw onion and it inside the mouth close to the tooth pain, it will relieve the pain sensation and is also an antiseptic and may possible take your pain away altogether. It’s been known that if a person chews a raw onion for 3 minutes it will be sufficient to kill all of the bacteria and germs within the mouth.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is a vital oil derived from clove plant. Clove oil is really a highly effective home remedy to cure wisdom tooth pain/toothache due to its active ingredient, eugenol. Due to its analgesic and antiseptic action, clove oil is another common ingredient found in mouthwash and toothpaste.


Garlic is an extremely effective home remedy for a toothache. Have a clove of garlic with a little rock salt and put it on the painful tooth. Even though some people may not like garlic, it’ll definitely relieve the pain.

Tooth Pain Remedies

Tooth Pain Remedies


Salt when mixed with water is a top treatment that counters tooth infection and helps with alleviating teeth pain. Rinsing the mouth with brine everyday helps prevent tooth decay along with other mouth-related complications.

Ice Massage the Hand

Gently rubbing a piece of ice in the area between the forefinger and also the thumb for several minutes is an effective toothache remedy, because it eases toothache. It acts by overwhelming the pain sensation impulses that usually travel across the nerve pathways. It has a 60 to 90% rate of success. Ice placed directly on a throbbing tooth likewise helps ease the pain.


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