Benefits of Sesame Oil For Healthy Skin And Hair

 Benefits of Sesame Oil

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is among the most extensively used oils in Ayurvedic medicine. It is used as a main ingredient in various beauty products available in the market. As it all natural and has no harmful ingredients, you can use it for skin and hair care without any worry. Find out what kind of benefits sesame oil provides for hair and skin so you can look and feel younger.

Sesame Oil Benefits :


Make a scrub by mixing 1tsp sesame seed oil and ½ tsp baking soda/rice powder. Use this mixture, just like a normal scrub on your skin and rinse it with warm water. Then, again rinse with cold water for closing the open pores.

Hair Massage

Massaging the scalp and hair regularly with sesame oil can add instant sheen to your locks, leaving them strong and shiny.

Damage Hair

The oil has great penetrating properties and works wonders to revitalize the damaged hair by nourishing the hair and scalp from deep within.

Cracked Heels

Massage the mixture of sesame oil (1 Tbsp) and peppermint essential oil (5 drops) on your feet and then cover them with socks. Leave it for overnight.

Glowing Skin

Mix ½ cup sesame oil and ¼ cup apple cider vinegar & water (each) in a bowl. Splash water on the face and apply this mixture every night as a night cream to get a glowing skin.

Improve Hair Color

If you want to improve the color of your hair i.e if you want it to look darker, you need to massage your hair with sesame oil daily. It also helps prevent and treats premature greying due to its darkening qualities.

Acne Treatment

Make a paste of turmeric & sesame oil and apply it on the acne breakouts daily at night: 20 minutes before going to bed. Leave it for overnight.


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