Healthy Foods For Thick Hair

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

Every woman wants thick, strong hair, particularly when hair loss and hair fall is definitely an eminent problem. Besides hair treatments, prevent hair thinning by increasing your intake of particular foods. Even if you were not eating healthy food till now, start it immediately. It is the safest bet for healthier hair.

Healthy Foods For Thick Hair :


Our hair need good supplement of proteins. Health hair require protein as necessary constituent. Eggs are rich supply of proteins. They also contain Vitamin B complex and Biotin, also required to prevent hair fall. A daily consumption of 1 egg solves the issue.


Different berries have different properties, but vitamin C is paramount for healthy hair. Vitamin C in berries works well for blood circulation, which in turn supplies nourishment towards the follicles. Lack of vitamin C in your body leads to hair breakage.

Sweet Potatoes

They’re rich in beta carotene, which is an antioxidant. It counters to aging, as well as helps your scalp to remain nourished by providing it with essential oils. You might not be a huge fan of sweet potatoes and when you do not adore eating these questions mashed form; then try it out to eat them roasted with a few herbs, onions and some spice.

Beans and Lentils

To supplement follicles making your hair scalp healthy, consume lentils that have zinc, protein, iron and biotin. This really is infact great for all vegetarian, vegans, and meat eaters. Legumes like kidney beans, soy beans also play an excellent role in hair support and maintenance.

Greek Yogurt

You are able to opt for low-fat foods like as Greek yoghurt that is rich in calcium, protein, vitamin B and D. In lots of hair care products, you find the ingredient pantothenic acid within the label. This is produced from Vitamin B5. Greek yogurt is a such food which is full of Vitamin B5, which in turn boosts hair follicle health.


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