Delicious Foods For Strong and Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Taking care of your hair with the right products is important, but it’s important to remember. Certain foods are nutritional powerhouses when it comes to your hair health. To keep your hair strong, shiny and thick.

Foods for Hair :


Beans such as legumes and kidney beans are a powerful source of zinc, iron and biotin. A lack of these nutrients can lead to brittle hair, so get your locks growing long and strong by aiming to eat three or more serves a week.


Cashews, pecans, and almonds are full of zinc. Walnuts contain zinc too, along with alpha-linolenic acid. And Brazil nuts provide the mineral selenium, which can help keep your scalp healthy. Many nuts contain B vitamins as well.


One of the best protein sources around, a diet rich in eggs will promote strong, resilient hair so fry some up for breakfast or scramble some over toast for lunch and get your fix today.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

To supplement your body’s calcium requirement you should add low-fat dairy products in your daily diet. Low fat dairy products like yogurt, skim milk contains casein and calcium which are quite high in protein. Eating yogurt or cheese daily even as snacks will help improve your hair strength.


To promote good vision and healthy scalps one must add carrots in their diet. There are plenty dishes made up of carrots so adding this in your weekly diet is not difficult. You can eat carrots as salad toppings, snacks or you can even cook food including carrots. Carrots will help you keep your hair shiny and properly conditioned.


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