Beer Good for Your Skin

Beer is a very popular alcoholic drink. Many people have said that beer has numerous health benefits. It is good for getting rid of toxins and removing kidney stones. However, you’ll be surprised to know that beer has beauty benefits too. Beer will work for the skin in both edible and applicable form. Meaning, both drinking and applying beer will work for the skin. The beauty benefits of beer aren’t limited to the skin only. Beer will work for your hair as well. Beer is among the best natural hair conditioners open to us. Therefore the beauty advantages of beer are pertinent for the entire body. There are many ways to use beer on the skin and hair. It is better to use beer externally than drinking it. It is because too much beer causes obesity and could harm your liver. Here are a few of the main beauty advantages of beer.Beer Good for Your Skin

Skin: Beer is full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and proteins, so it makes sense that it would improve skin’s quality and luster. However the most active ingredient for improving skin may be the yeast. Brewers yeast might help balance the pH of skin and regulate producing sebum (your skin’s natural oil,) which makes it ideal for treating acne-prone and dried-out skin. Much as it does in the beer itself, yeast kills bacteria around the skin’s surface (helping to fight breakouts) while enzymes gently exfoliate dead, dried-out skin without any harsh abrasion (ideal for drier or sensitive skin.) German skincare company Dayenne has made a business of the; nearly all of their products contain some quantity of brewer’s yeast. Likewise, it’s tradition for spas in Eastern Europe to provide a number of beer treatments, from beer-baths to masks produced from beer and certain raw ingredients of beer – crushed hops, malt, honey, etc. The popularity is beginning to take off in the usa but is still just starting out.


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